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In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the young doctor and scientist refers to his laboratory as a “solitary chamber, or rather cell,” located at the top of the house and separated from all other rooms by a gallery and staircase,” where he stored his “labyrinth of filthy creation.” Is this similar to today’s billionaire brainiacs’ isolated laboratories?

How can we build a stronger “body” of social intelligence? The notorious Frankenstein laboratory, in which pre-Enlightenment alchemy and fringe experiments were conducted away from the public eye with no regard for global ethical concerns or cultural education.

Victor Frankenstein built two monsters in two different locations in 1816. His first laboratory was a “cell” on the top of his home in Ingolstadt, Germany. A miserable shack on one of the Orkney Islands served as Victor’s second lab, which was isolated and remote body parts and equipment for producing monstrosities.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a novel about Victor Frankenstein, a young man obsessed with science who tries to construct a life out of death. They would be unlikely to accept such a project for the same reason that it appears to be playing God. As a result, Frankenstein is forced to conceal his research from others.

Victor made his home in Ingolstadt, Germany, his laboratory. “I kept my workshop of filthy creation in a solitary chamber or rather cell at the top of the house and separated from all the other apartments by a gallery and staircase.” He stored the components needed to construct an animal in this space, including human body parts.

Victor worked for two years on the features of a corpse. Victor was terrified that he had completed it at last, and the beast ran away on its own. The pair met again in the Alps, where Victor agreed to make his creation a spouse for him.

Victor returns to one of the Orkney’s most remote islands to continue his research. Victor leases one of the island’s three modest cottages, which are all in bad condition.

The home has two rooms with unfinished walls and a door that has come off its hinges. Victor mends the door and adds some furniture, then resumes working. As soon as he gets close to finishing his second monster, the first appears in front of him. He understands the riskiness of his work for humanity, therefore he destroys it.