How Are Frankenstein And Prometheus Alike?

Both Prometheus and Victor Frankenstein can give life and knowledge to lesser species. Prometheus felt sorry for the quivering humans of the Earth, so he gave them to fire as a gift from on high. Zeus was furious about this, so he had Prometheus chained to a cliff and tortured him in an endless cycle of torture. (He was eventually set free).

Victor Frankenstein desired to create life via the supernatural power of fire from the sky. He did so (with lightning and electricity) but produced a monster for whom he was not concerned or who received no care.

He had the option of caring for the lesser being he created but instead rejected him. Victor may have acted God, but his Adam was rejected by his father from the start and had no Eve supplied for him, at least not one who loved him.

Victor was created as a nightmarish monster who put his creator through indirect torture and then ran away to the Arctic, where his father eventually found him. I didn’t write the story, so there’s probably some subtext I missed. It’s a fantastic piece of writing.

Prometheus and Frankenstein paid a heavy price for their actions. They attempted to build a new being, but they were met with the consequences of their efforts. Both individuals paid the ultimate price for disregarding natural laws in favor of progress and creation.

The ancient stories provided the inspiration for contemporary works of fiction. The tale of Victor Frankenstein was taken from the Greek legend Prometheus. This legendary figure was one among many others. Promethean, a titan who stole fire from the gods to assist humanity, is responsible for man’s creation.

Prometheus was condemned to an eternity of suffering by the gods because of his actions. He was chained to a rock and, every day, an eagle consumed his liver as punishment. Prometheus’ desire for progress to be hastened caused his downfall.

Similarly, Dr. Victor Frankenstein aspires to break the rules of society in order to advance. Frankenstein wished to create a flawless version of a human using his knowledge of science and the powers of lightning. He set out on a quest to become a creator; however, his efforts were unsuccessful, as he discovered that he had created an abomination.

The protagonist is tormented in the same manner as Prometheus, although his agony is mental and self-inflicted. Prometheus and Frankenstein are creatures who bestowed life on humanity by transforming inert materials into living beings. Both characters attempted to impede progress’s natural flow in order to work for the benefit of mankind. They were chastised for their efforts.

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