How Does Athena Help Odysseus?

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Every family in Ancient Greece and Rome had its own distinct household deity that is revered more than any other. I believe Athena was the household goddess of Odysseus’ family. Athena was the goddess of wisdom, and she loved Odysseus for his smarts and guile, which she appreciated greatly.

Athena is Odysseus’ protector in The Odyssey, who helps him overcome various problems. She advised him to speak with his wife and recounted suitors attempting to abduct her. When Odysseus reached Ithaca, he was in danger of being assaulted. To protect him from harm, she transformed him into a beggar.

Athena is a goddess, the daughter of Zeus. She is one of the most prominent actors in The Odyssey. Athena, Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ patroness, assists them throughout the poem. Her first offering was especially significant for the heroes.

The death of HDT has significant consequences for the whole tale of The Odyssey. Athena speaks with Zeus when Poseidon, whose son Odysseus has blinded, is absent. She reminds her father of Odysseus’ misfortunes.

The goddess encourages him to let the protagonist return home. He is required to see his family and reconnect with his son Telemachus under Athena’s pressure.

Athena is sympathetic to Odysseus’ homesickness. Athena is resolved to help him in any way and at any cost. “But my heart rends for Odysseus, the seasoned veteran damned by fate so long…,” she adds. He also exhorts Telemachus to seek out his lost father. He is determined to discover the facts about his destiny and home.

Athena then encourages Telemachus to begin his own journey by providing him with some suggestions on how to achieve his objective. The search for Odysseus took five books of The Odyssey.

She sends Mentes, Odysseus’ companion, to Telemachus. He is aware of the need to seek Odysseus. It gives hope to Telemachus that his father may still be alive. Athena also provides him with certain pointers as to how he might accomplish it. “Fit out a ship with twenty oars, the best insight, and sail in a quest for your long-lost father,’ she instructs him.”

Athena’s assistance and immediate aid to Telemachus benefits the protagonist. She also convinces Zeus to send Hermes to Calypso’s island as punishment for his misdeeds. It is a critical issue since he refuses to let Odysseus go home. Athena’s active involvement ensures that the objective is accomplished. Her real desire aids the protagonist. “Hermes, our messenger, sent on all of our missions, announce: ‘Odysseus will return.’

The goddess promises to protect him from the problems he will face. When Odysseus returns home, he discovers that the suitors have once again surrounded Penelope. As a returning king, he must retake control of Ithaca. He must combat Penelope’s pushy and shameless husbands in order to succeed. Athena helps Odysseus. The goddess guarantees that he will not fail. She also protects Telemachus with her protection.

Athena comes to his rescue immediately after the grooms nearly kill him for exposing their misconduct. Athena also aids in the prevention of a civil war in Ithaca. The goddess aids in the removal of the suitors’ family’s leader. She next urges individuals to accept Odysseus as their supreme ruler. She helps to prevent conflict and restore harmony.

In this manner, Athena was depicted as a helper to Odysseus and his son Telemachus. She is successful in luring a large number of people to their side. In this way, she aids them. Athena utilizes all of her powers and ties with the gods to assist Odysseus in returning home to Ithaca. Patronizing his family, Athena tries every possible method for Odysseus to see his son and wife, Penelope, while they are still at war with one another.