How Does Catherine Die In Wuthering Heights?

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Catherine was caught up in a love triangle with Heathcliff and Edgar. Despite having deep feelings for the former, she married the latter. This issue had a detrimental impact on her general health. As a result, while delivering her daughter, she perished.

Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw had a fantastic connection from the moment he appeared in Wuthering Heights. The two of them spent a lot of time together and considered each other good friends. Hindley, on the other hand, began restricting his sister’s contact with Heathcliff once he took control of the manor. Then, while staying at the Thrushcross Grange estate, Catherine made friends with Edgar and Isabella Linton.

After Edgar falls in love with Catherine, Heathcliff becomes irritated. She explains her feelings for both men to Nelly Dean, who is torn between her old buddy and the new friends she has made. In fact, as a result of their conversation, Heathcliff was able to hear everything. He was dissatisfied and decided to depart Wuthering Heights. After that, Heathcliff did not appear at the manor for years.

As a result of her feelings for him, Edgar returns them. They have married soon after. She goes to Thrushcross Grange in order to be with her spouse following the wedding. The young woman is spoiled in every way possible because she believes his daughter has a delicate mind. Her issues are addressed in the book, although she thinks they have an unbreakable link between Heathcliff and herself.

The second appears again at the Thrushcross Grange front door three years after his departure. To everyone’s surprise, an unkempt youth has transformed into a well-dressed and wealthy gentleman.

Catherine’s worries are reignited when Heathcliff returns. Edgar Linton is furious because he has been hiding his wife from everything for many years. Even so, Heathcliff’s visits had to continue since he was unable to resist Isabella Linton’s yearning. He begins seducing Isabella Linton after some time, enacting his revenge.

Edgar learns about Heathcliff’s plans and orders him off the premises at Thrushcross Grange. Catherine is devastated once again, unable to see her former friend. Her mental state deteriorates as Edgar predicted, just as Heathcliff’s return had done before it.

Catherine refuses to eat or go out of her room, suggesting signs of mental deterioration. It is eventually revealed that she is pregnant, which only adds to Edgar’s concern. The madness persists until Catherine’s death.

She meets up with Heathcliff again a few weeks later. However, it is only during their last meeting that they discuss their emotions. Catherine claims she is going to die because of Heathcliff.

He’s devastated by seeing the woman he loves in such a poor state. Edgar Linton’s return shocks Catherine to the point of madness, causing the meeting to be cut short.

Hindley gives birth to a girl, later known as Cathy, and dies several hours after childbirth. Hindley’s burial was the lowest point in his life, which ended with his death from alcoholism shortly afterward.

Although Catherine Earshow is killed halfway through Wuthering Heights, her spirit lingers throughout the book. Heathcliff grieves for her until he himself dies suddenly, and everyone believes their spirits have been reunited at last.

Edgar Linton marries the ill-fated lover and has a daughter, Catherine Linton, who is subsequently murdered. She appears as a ghost in the moors during a storm.