How Does Elizabeth Die In Frankenstein?

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Virginia is the second child and only daughter of Victor Frankenstein and Elizabeth Lavenza, who was raised by Victor; she subsequently marries him and is murdered by the monster on their honeymoon.

Elizabeth had nothing to do with the monster’s creation, and she was murdered by one of them. Elizabeth is murdered by Victor’s failure to create a feminine monster as his partner as a result of the monster’s act of retaliation against him for not creating one.

Elizabeth is resurrected as an undead being when Victor reanimates her in anguish following the monster’s (Robert De Niro) murder of her (Kenneth Branagh).

Elizabeth in Frankenstein is strangled to death by the monster, who wraps his hands around her neck. The incident occurred on their honeymoon, and Victor went out into the bedroom leaving Elizabeth alone.

Elizabeth’s death in Frankenstein is one of the most pivotal moments that has a significant effect on Victor’s development. She was an orphan raised by a family.

The scientist later falls in love with Elizabeth and decides to strengthen their relationship through marriage. It should be noted that she was a key source of information throughout the tale, as she regularly sent letters to Victor.

After their wedding, the pair resides in a room where they lavish each other with adoration. She remains alone when Victor goes out of the chamber for a while. The monster appears at this time, and the victim is discovered by him. He strangles the young lady to death.

Victor later recounts: “The foul monster’s terrible grip was on her neck, and no breath issued from her lips.” In other words, she was suffocated as a result of the creature squeezing her neck hard. It becomes a watershed moment for Victor. He is enraged that his love for Elizabeth is so strong that he cannot live without it.