How Does Myrtle Behave As The Party Progresses?

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During the celebration, Myrtle’s mood shifts with her environment and clothing. At first, Myrtle displays a lot of liveliness and energy. However, after changing into a different dress, she becomes more artificial and distant.

Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous work is The Great Gatsby. It features a striking location and intriguing characters. And Myrtle, Tom Buchanan’s mistress, is one such individual.

She lives in a Valley of Ashes and works hard to seem more respectable and pleasant. She likes to dress up and try to pass as a socialite. However, by reading scandalous publications, Myrtle exposes her false front.

She is seen at Tom Buchanan’s party, where she is drinking with the other guests. In terms of appearance, Myrtle is quite attractive. However, she has a loud voice and wild behavior.

In the beginning, she appears to be very natural and real, as noted by the narrator. She changes her clothing and manner when the other guests arrive, though.

Wearing a cream-colored dress, Myrtle adopts a false mask of deception and alters her gestures. She strives to impress others while appearing genuine by using her speech and actions.

When she’s complimented on her clothing, she dismisses it as being outdated. However, her other looks are just as good. To appear more prestigious and appealing, Myrtle employs the symbols of status.

Myrtle becomes talkative and irritable. Tom gives Myrtle a puppy as a gift shortly after, at which point she starts shouting Daisy’s name in an effort to annoy him.

He informs her that she has no right to mention Daisy’s name; nevertheless, she continues taunting him, and he breaks her nose as a response. As Myrtle drinks throughout the party, she becomes increasingly desirable.

Everybody’s at the party, and Myrtle’s conduct begins to spiral out of control. She begins screaming Daisy’s name, which irritates Tom. Describe George and Myrtle’s Valley of Ashes setting.