How Does Nick Know Daisy?

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Nick and Daisy are cousins. They’re second cousins once removed, as they go back to when Nick’s grandparents were still living. When Nick and Tom were students at Yale, they knew each other well.

Daisy and Tom, who he knows from his youth, are part of the same social circle. He remembers Tom from his Yale days, and Daisy is his cousin whom he saw after the war.

The cast of characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby has a complex network of relationships and social classes. Wealth is the distinguishing feature of such social groups.

People who are wealthy live in close proximity to each other, throwing parties and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. The less fortunate, on the other hand, are excluded from the rich circles and reside in squalid, dark regions.

Bonds with a variety of people are destroyed and recast based on one’s reputation in the neighborhood and funds. Nick, the story’s narrator, is a member of high society. His ties to wealthy individuals from the East Egg allow him to settle in the West Egg, where newborn elites live and are assimilated into their group.

Nick is accepted by the locals due to his connections, wealth, and social graces. He also reunites with old friends Daisy and Tom, who are married. Daisy is Nick’s cousin who he remembers seeing several years ago in the West Egg.

During his layover following World War I, the narrator spent a few days at their home. Nick and Tom both went to Yale University, where they were members of the same school club.

The pair appears to remember Nick and appear interested in his private life. They’ve heard he’s engaged, implying that they are acquainted with one another socially.

Daisy is familiar to Nick because they are distantly related. They are second cousins once removed. When they were both attending Yale University, Nick knew Tom.