How Does Odysseus Convince Penelope He Is Odysseus?

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After twenty years away, Odysseus returns home. Penelope is concerned about the stranger’s identity because she believes him to be Odysseus. The guy has changed dramatically in twenty years.

As a result, she devises a plan to examine the visitor’s credentials. The protagonist asks for the couple’s marital bed to be brought in. She was aware that Odysseus constructed his bed around an olive tree in their rooms. That is why Penelope predicts that only her spouse will succeed in passing the test.

Odysseus went on many trips throughout his twenty-year absence. His personality was altered by 20 years of non-presence. It was enough for his wife not to recognize him. Penelope is a dutiful and loyal wife who wants to assure that the nameless stranger is Odysseus when he returns. When he comes, a maid awakens Penelope to greet her spouse. Still, it does nothing to persuade the lady.

Penelope suggests that the stranger take a rest. She asks her maid to bring their marital bed. Odysseus became enraged at this demand. He realized that moving the bed would be difficult.

The character then goes on to explain how it was done. He explains how he constructed it around an olive tree’s trunk in a garden and then a chamber, where he discovered another chamber (Corinthian). This information convinced Penelope that the man was Odysseus since he was the only one who knew about it.

Odysseus triumphs over his wary spouse by reacting to her deception. He is, however, unaware of it. Penelope was shocked when she discovered Odysseus’s presence in the palace. She feared that it might be a trick carried out by the gods. Finally, the character’s furious reaction to Penelope’s demand provides ample proof of identification.

Penelope is married to Odysseus for ten years before she decides that he may not be who he claims to be after all, and she marries the suitors. How does Odysseus, at last, persuade Penelope that he is truly Odysseus? He demonstrates his identity by telling her about the bed he built no one knows about. The Sun tells Zeus to send a storm toward Odysseus’ ship. The storm destroys the ship, leaving only Odysseus as a survivor.

Penelope, unconvinced that the beggar was her husband, prodded him. She ordered her maid to prepare Odysseus’ bed and carry it from their chambers into the hallway outside his chamber.

When he discovered that she had tried to deceive him, Odysseus was furious; one of the bedposts was formed from a living olive tree – he himself had designed it that way, and no god could move it without his supervision; thus, Penelope accepted that he was her husband. She ran towards him, hoping he would forgive her. He forgave her because he knew why she had challenged him and because he had succeeded.