How Does Walton Describe The Stranger He Takes Onboard

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Perhaps the most famous of Walton’s characters is Victor, a scientist who invents a new artificial creature. In Frankenstein, Walton serves as a comparable figure to Victor. Walton is ambitious. To achieve fame in the scientific field, he rejected his family. Despite being lonely as a result of his goals, Walton may improve as a person. That’s why Victor met him, and that’s why he shared his tale with him.

Walton’s tale is told in his letters to his sister Margaret. He talks about how much he wants to make the world a better place. Walton is more interested in scientific fame than anything else in the world. It hints at Victor’s story, depicting significant parallels between them. They are both ambitious at first, which soon becomes fatal for Victor.

After Victor is revealed, the captain is astonished. The emaciated and sick-looking individual inquires about the ship’s heading! When the strange finds out that Walton’s ship is sailing for new discoveries, his initial astonishment gives way to interest. Victor is quiet at first. Walton is concerned, but he quickly becomes attached to the person he rescued and grows quite protective of him.

Victor’s protectiveness evolves into an intense bond. Victor reminds Walton of himself on a subconscious level. Victor establishes a brotherly connection with Walton. Captain believes that this stranger is the only one in the world who understands him. It was well before Walton heard Victor’s full life story. Later, after hearing about Victor’s goals, Walton recognized his own objectives in his tale.

His limbs were nearly frozen, and he was incredibly frail from exhaustion and misery. I’ve never seen a guy in such a terrible state. We tried to take him into the cabin, but he fainted as soon as he had left the fresh air.

The ebb and flow of the tide lead us to believe that there may be some truth in this tale, for it does seem to sum up an entire period of time. Such is our faith in its truth that we accept every word as gospel truth.

We returned him to the deck, where we revived him with brandy rubbing and the forcible ingestion of a tiny quantity. When he became responsive, we wrapped him in blankets and set him near the kitchen range’s chimney. Gradually but surely, he recovered consciousness and ate a little soup, which helped him tremendously.”