How Long Does Odysseus Stay With Calypso?

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In the ancient poem, Odysseus is detained on Ogygia for seven years. Calypso refuses to help him return home, offering him everything from sex to immortality in order to persuade him to forget Penelope and his family in Ithaca. Calypso’s desire for Odysseus was not only about wanting him as her husband; it also had a financial aspect.

Calypso is a nymph who holds Odysseus captive for seven years. Before Odysseus can flee, they reside on an enchanted island called Ogygia. Calypso becomes infatuated with Odysseus as he lands on Ogygia during his journey.

She wishes to bind him to her forever through magic song. To do so, she enchanted him with her magnificent singing. Calypso is the daughter of Atlas, the Titan god in Greek mythology. Her fictional island is located off the coast of Calypso.

For which she was sentenced to live on an island, she participates in the battle between gods and titans. Odysseus arrives worn out at Calypso’s ship after a long journey.

He has been lost at sea for nine days. Odysseus encountered monsters from Italy and Sicily on his journey from Troy. He has lost his army and ship as a result of them. Calypso is smitten with Odysseus.

The nymph wants to make him her eternal spouse. He declines her offer of everlasting youth, though. Odysseus imagines being reunited with his wife and son in his sleep.

Odysseus is deceived by Calypso in the end. She becomes his lover, and he remains on the island. According to Hesiod, they have resided in Calypso’s cave-dwelling for seven years.

One day, Athena decides to intervene. Athena asks Zeus to help Odysseus. At first, the nymph refuses adamantly. But Calypso is afraid of Zeus’ powers, so she has no choice but to comply with him.

Calypso, like Circe, is a seductress and concealer. Calypso, similarly to Circe, is considered an obstacle and distractor. Odysseus encounters Calypso in The Odyssey as a force of distraction and diversion. She may be regarded as the deliverer of Odysseus due to her bad reputation.