How Was Linton Taken To Wuthering Heights?

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Isabella Linton and Heathcliff marry and have a child named Linton, who is unaware of his heritage. The kid is birthed and raised without knowing his father. The lad resides in London with his mother and moves to Wuthering Heights after her death. His father treats him with disdain. Emily Bronte’s novel, Wuthering Heights, has an intricate and convoluted plot. There are numerous main storylines that weave throughout the book.

The book is set in the Wuthering Heights mansion and the Thrushcross Grange, and it is composed as a narrative within a story. It follows the lives of many individuals living in the Wuthering Heights manor and the Thrushcross Grange across two generations.

It’s a love-and-revenge tale involving several characters from Wuthering Heights. Linton, son of Heathcliff, was born in Wuthering Heights. The Son of Heathcliff came to live at Wuthering Heights after overcoming numerous hurdles. Isabella Linton spent time at the Thrushcross Grange before becoming pregnant with him (Lines 104–105).

She married Heathcliff, who didn’t care for her. Heathcliff wants to avenge the sister of the woman he loved. He is consumed with passion for vengeance and his actual love, Catherine. Isabella is dominated by him as a consequence of this. She lives in London free of her husband’s reign while she is expectant and gives birth to Linton there.

The boy matures and is unaware of Wuthering Heights or his father. Isabella, unfortunately, dies soon after birth, leaving Linton in the hands of her brother Edgar. The young guy learns of his father’s existence and promptly migrates to Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights in chapter 19. He is then ignored by the man in the same way he was by his mother. Linton is compelled to follow his orders and go along with his revenge ambitions.

Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, is a plot-rich book. There are numerous thematic threads throughout the novel. The novel focuses on various characters’ lives at the Wuthering Heights manor and the Thrushcross Grange as a tale within a story.

Wuthering Heights is a tragic love story that spans two generations. Linton is one of the many characters in Wuthering Heights. The boy, son of Heathcliff, comes to reside in Wuthering Heights as a result of several complicated circumstances. Isabella Linton was formerly a resident of the Thrushcross Grange and married Heathcliff, who did not love her.

Heathcliff seeks revenge against Isabella’s brother, Edgar. His desire for vengeance and thoughts of his real love, Catherine, enslave Isabella. She leaves him while pregnant to live in London free from her husband’s control.

She delivers Linton there and raises him alone. The young boy grows up oblivious to Wuthering Heights or his father, living a happy life in Yorkshire until he was ten years old when he returned home due to the death of Mr. Earnshaw (who had been poisoned).

Both Isabella and Aldo are murdered, with Isabella dying right after and leaving Edgar in charge. Learning of his father’s existence prompted the boy to relocate to Wuthering Heights as soon as possible. The guy then neglected him, treating him just like his mother did. Linton has no option but to obey his commands and participate in his vendetta schemes.