In Frankenstein Who Cares For Victor When He Is Stricken With A Fever For Several Months?

Victor sees an old friend, Henry Clerval, in Chapter 5. Victor’s lifelong buddy is Henry Clerval, who helps the protagonist overcome several months of sickness in Chapter 5. To hide his condition from his family, Henry assumes care of sick Victor.

One of the major themes in the novel is a physical and psychological illness. It appears repeatedly through the story to signal momentous occurrences. When Victor’s mind is disturbed, he becomes ill. It depicts the detrimental impact of unethical behavior on his mental health.

During one of Victor’s bouts of illness, Henry Clerval offers to assist him. As a result, the protagonist recovers from the months-long fever and is once again in good health. This recovery is temporary, however, and Victor falls back into his malignant mental state and physical condition.

In Chapter 21, Victor’s health is deteriorating. The town magistrate, Mr. Kirwin, takes Victor to see the corpse and gauges his response. The character notices that his friend Henry has been injured by the monster. He suffers a seizure and remains sick for two months in prison because of it. The fever may be caused by a mental condition that causes anxiety. Victor becomes concerned about the creature. It is obvious that traumatic events preceded the illness; sickness is linked to negative emotions.

In “Frankenstein,” Henry cares for Victor when he is ill for months on end. Victor was nursed back to health by his childhood buddy, Henry. He was tormented because his beautiful human experiment became a monster.

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