In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, What Plot Event Prompts Hamlet To Become Suspicious And Resentful?

A. his romantic encounter with Ophelia
B. the departure of Laertes to France
C. a reprimand from his mother
D. a visit from his deceased father

Answer: D. a visit from his deceased father.

Hamlet’s personality transforms following a meeting with his deceased father. The ghost exposes the truth about his death, which was Claudius who murdered his father. It has an impact on Hamlet’s behavior and spurs him on to seek vengeance. At least initially, there are some signs that Hamlet is hostile. Perhaps the phantom’s presence just fueled his anger even more.

In the tragic play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, as community blames themselves for their lack of success in bringing down Claudius, they choose to seek retribution. In the wake of seeing his father’s ghost, Village decides to take action. The phantom informs Hamlet that it was Claudius who murdered Hamlet’s dad. The phantom also tells him that he must seek vengeance. After hearing this from the phantom, Hamlet agrees and states that he will, without a doubt, look for revenge. It is stated or suggested that exact retaliation is barbarous in itself.

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Claudius’ retaliation is his own undoing, as demonstrated by Villa’s fury. Hamlet’s zeal to retaliate against Claudius poisons him. Hamlet blends up Claudius’ normal reaction in order to ensure himself. Vindicate kills Hamlet at the end of the film. The name Hamlet is a German baby name meaning “Home.” A derived from the Old German word for home or house, it has several meanings in addition to Shakespeare’s calamity.

Hamlet is bitter and disbelieving from the beginning of the play. He harbors a deep dislike for his mother, Gertrude. She did not grieve his father for long, he believes and remarried quickly. Hamlet is suspicious of King Hamlet’s death as well. Furthermore, Hamlet is insulted because Claudius has seized the throne. He was not entitled to rule over his nephew in any case.

Hamlet is shown as a bad-tempered and abusive person from the beginning, which explains why he vows to kill Claudius. Hamlet’s fury grows after seeing his father’s ghost. He was certainly more bitter and enraged after witnessing the phantom. Claudius murdered King Hamlet with poison, according to the phantom. It’s easy to see how it affected the rest of the drama. Hamlet wasn’t a well-adjusted or relaxed individual seeking revenge for his father. The bitterness and suspicion led to the character’s downfall. Both Claudius and Hamlet were poisoned by this hatred and suspicion.