Joseph Wuthering Heights

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He appears to despise doing actual labor in Wuthering Heights, the mansion where he works. He’s no one’s favorite, but he keeps showing up in the background. He utters a slew of religious curses and threats, many of which are difficult to comprehend due to his thick Yorkshire dialect. Religion also appears to him rather ugly.

He doesn’t appear to live a particularly kind life; he is cold and self-righteous, and his harsh judgments on everyone who will go to hell seem like an unpleasant choice in comparison to the mystical beauty of the supernatural to which Catherine and Heathcliff are drawn. His only good quality is toward Hareton, perhaps only because he knows that Hareton will one day be master of the Heights.

Joseph is an elderly manservant to the Earnshaws and Heathcliff. He is religious, but he is a negative character in the story. Joseph is unpleasant, stubborn, and odd in many ways. He symbolizes the marriage of religion with hatred.

The definition appears to be comprehensive, but there is more to the story. Joseph, on the other hand, is a complicated person. It’s because he has a few intriguing characteristics that he’s so complex.

The first and most important thing to notice is that Joseph follows religion; he is a Christian. However, it does not exempt him from rancor. To put it another way, the servant misinterpreted religious ideas to justify his aggressive behavior.

Joseph should also be addressed since he has a dialect of his own. He speaks with a Yorkshire accent, which is hard for contemporary readers to comprehend.

Third, Joseph should be mentioned because of his advanced age. You notice that he is the oldest character in Wuthering Heights. A blog post, however, states that he is one of those who have endured the book. Finally, the servant is a quiet person. Readers are unaware of his parents, siblings, children, wife, and even birth date.

Joseph is a unique figure in Wuthering Heights. Despite his status as a slave, he has an important function in the book by Brontë. Here’s why:

  • The book’s eponymous protagonist is Joseph.
  • The character’s reaction to the tension between religious and secular beliefs.
  • The language of Joseph is a Yorkshire dialect.
  • He disappoints the expectations of the audience by not dying at the novel’s conclusion.
  • Joseph is a mysterious character in Emily Brontë’s novel.

Joseph is an ancient servant at Wuthering Heights who has served its residents for many generations. Despite his strong adherence to ritualistic Christianity, Joseph is a mean individual.

His beliefs are founded on casting judgment on others rather than any desire to offer love or compassion to others. Emily Bronte used Joseph’s character to symbolize her rejection of conventional religion as a result of her life experiences. Let’s learn more about Joseph in Wuthering Heights.