Life Starts All Over Again When It Gets Crisp In The Fall Meaning

Daisy is melancholic and weary of life, so Jordan Baker tries to lift her spirits by comparing the changing of seasons to new beginnings in life. Daisy is depressed and weary of life, so she tries to cheer her up. This phrase reflects Jordan’s attitude. She is realistic, unlike Daisy, who relies on others to enjoy her success in life.

The last stages of The Great Gatsby’s narrative are played out during an abnormally hot day in August 1922. Daisy is torn between her marriage with Tom and her relationship with Gatsby. She finds life to be meaningless. When she tells Jordan about it, the latter tries to persuade her that the tough times will pass as swiftly as summer’s heat. Jordan thinks that the fall will bring fresh possibilities for them as a couple.

Throughout the book, the narrator frequently refers to Jordan Baker as a liar and hypocrite. Nick literally referred to her driving abilities when he called her “a terrible driver.” However, he also credits her with having an influence on others.

When Fitzgerald places the quote about new beginnings in Jordan’s mouth, he is ironic. Following this conversation, Daisy kills Myrtle in a car accident, triggering a chain of events that lead to Gatsby’s world crumbling down around him.

The fall, as it turns out, entails new possibilities. They are not the ones Daisy would have chosen, however. Wilson, Myrtle, and Gatsby are all dead; Nick breaks up with Jordan and leaves New York. Meanwhile, Tom and Daisy’s part ways with the others to go their separate ways.

In Chapter 7 of The Great Gatsby, we find ourselves in yet another glum situation. Daisy sees life as a never-ending series of monotony that eventually leads to death; Jordan sees it as a continuous cycle of rebirth. Too bad they’re both so unhappy.

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