Metamorphosis Ending

The novella concludes with the death of Gregor Samsa and his family’s journey to the countryside. Gregor’s passing was a sign that he was liberated from misery. The family is relieved that Gregor is no longer a burden. They begin to make new preparations for their future.

At the conclusion of the tale, Gregor’s health got worse. He has physical harm and becomes alienated from his family. His father despises him and has caused him pain. His mother is unable to look at him. After the room refurnishing scene, she stops interacting with her son. Their relationship deteriorates as Grete grows increasingly neglectful in cleaning their home. She doesn’t offer food to him; instead, she conveys her pity for the unfortunate brother.

The isolation motif in The Trial is an illustration of the sense of solitude that many people feel in today’s society. It can reflect on the nature of employment or a general feeling of dread due to fast-paced lifestyles. This theme was included by Franz Kafka in The Metamorphosis because he had experienced it himself.

His younger sister is giving a violin recital to the three lodgers who the family had taken on as a potential source of additional revenue one evening. The melody’s charm captivates Gregor. However, one of the lodgers sees him. They are furious. “Because of the poor living conditions in this home,” they say, they will not pay anything for their stay.

Grete becomes hysterical, screaming that “things can’t go on like this,” and her parents confess to being frightened. Grete insists they must get rid of the rats. Hearing everything they had to say, Gregor creeps back into his bedroom. He broods over a bad situation, feeling overwhelmed by his body’s frailty. Gregor Samsa passes away shortly after, as “his head drooped naturally and without any touch from him he died.”

What does Gregor’s death symbolize?

The death of Gregory represents the end of his family’s pain, as well as his own. The Samsas recall that he was once a person. His death provides them solace; he is no longer a burden to them. He was relieved of personal problems even before the metamorphosis began. Gregor was sad and exploited by his family for money before the transformation occurred.

According to a more thorough exploration of Gregor’s syndrome, it might be a symbol for self-sacrifice. Gregor is exactly the kind of person who would volunteer his time and effort to help others. As a result, he gives up his life so that his family may be comfortable.

The family decides to take a day off from work and go for a walk. They feel relieved, and they decide to move to a smaller place. They come to the conclusion that they are extremely fortunate in having steady employment. Mr. and Mrs. Samsa realize that Grete, despite recent events, has blossomed into a lovely young woman with a good figure. The Samsas believe that finding Grete a spouse is about to ensure their financial security in the future. For the Samsa family, things appear bright ahead.

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