Mr. Pride Vs. Miss Prejudice

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Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice is a comedy about a wealthy aspiring novelist and his best friend that conveys how they interact with one another while living with their pride and preconceptions.

Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice is a 2017 Chinese romantic comedy film. The narrative follows Tang Nan Nan, an internet writer who encounters Zhu Hou, a handsome guy. Tang Nan Nan has a fantastic but occasionally runaway imagination.

Tang Nan Nan is a typical young girl who dreams of becoming a renowned writer. She is frequently sidetracked by daydreaming because she aspires to be a famous author in the future.

Zhu Huo runs into her one day, and she unintentionally ruins his marriage proposal. It’s no surprise that after Tang Nan Nan ruined his relationship, Zhu Huo made her his bitter adversary.

He loses his wallet and phone since he has trouble remembering numbers. While looking for his misplaced items, he runs into Tang Nan Nan once more.

Zhu Hou begs her to allow him to stay at her place before attempting to return home. As a result, the antagonist’s Tang Nan nan and Zhu Hou wind up living in the same apartment by chance.

Zhu Hou introduces his new roomie to Jian Jun, who is in charge of his spoiled and irresponsible friend. Jian Jun falls for creative and funny Tang Nan Nan, but Zhu Hou does not want them to date.

He puts out all efforts to change his undesirable behaviors in order to gain the attention of the lady. Despite their rivalry, he develops a crush on her. The film shows how love transforms people’s personalities. By the end of the narrative, it improves everyone involved.