What Did Dan Cody Do For Gatsby?

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Gatsby’s mentor was Dan Cody, who taught him about the world of business and finance. The young man altered his name because of Cody and was able to begin his rise to riches. Gatsby benefited from Cody’s tutelage and financial assistance in achieving his goals.

Cody’s future prospects were aided by his link to Gatsby. When Dan Cody saved the millionaire’s yacht by accident, he incurred Gatsby’s displeasure. Dan Cody became Gatsby’s mentor and role model from that time, offering him a job and taking him on trips.

Gatsby learns a lot about life, money, and business while staying with Cody. As a result, he felt compelled to repay Daisy thanks to the wealthy elite for Dan Cody. In addition to keeping the older man’s photo in his house, Gatsby also displayed one at home.

Cody’s influence on Gatsby was profound, particularly his decision to modify his real name at a young age. At the age of seventeen, Gatsby decided on what he wanted his life to be like and began working hard toward that goal.

In this aspect, Cody was an inspiration for him because he made his money in mining and financed him. Cody assisted Gatsby in financing him and left him a fortune that he did not receive after all.

To summarize, Dan Cody was an important element of Gatsby’s life. He changed Gatsby’s opinion on money and business and assisted him in climbing the economic ladder.

He taught the young Gatsby about finance and entrepreneurship. Overall, meeting with Cody had a significant influence on his life. That event allowed him to enjoy greater social class privileges than he otherwise would have.

He also supplied Gatsby 25,000 dollars when he died. When Cody’s mistress prevented Gatsby from receiving the inheritance, he was more determined than ever to become rich; he would do it on his own without the money.

Cody’s employment as his personal assistant gave him the opportunity to explore the Barbary Coast, which whets his appetite for luxury and eventually led to him purchasing the enormous home and amassing a dazzling fortune.

One consequence of Cody’s success was that Gatsby witnessed how money influenced people first-hand. He never wanted to be poor again, and he wanted others to remember his name because of his wealth so that they would recall it.