What Does Frankenstein Do After His Creation Comes To Life?

Frankenstein is a university student who aspires to create a huge creature that would function like a normal person. He becomes enraged when the beast is brought to life. It becomes furious and violent. Victor refers to it as “the miserable monster,” who leaves home, and wants to kill it.

Victor Frankenstein is consumed with guilt and grief following his mother’s death, and he decides to channel his feelings into science and experimentation in order to quiet his mind. The young man devises a method for bringing a non-living substance to life.

He invests significant time and effort developing and enhancing his invention, which becomes beautiful and human-like. The final version of the body, on the other hand, is tall, large, and frightful.

The body, on the other hand, is confused and furious as it begins to operate. Victor has a difficult time controlling the creature. He no longer feels proud of his experiment. Frankenstein is enraged at the body and even refers to it as “the monster.” He flees from his apartment and walks about town until Henry Clerval finds him in terrible health near Castle Frankenstein.

Victor becomes terrified, enraged, and dejected at the same time when Frankenstein’s creation comes to life. He is constantly under stress. As a result, he decides to avoid the creature. Frankenstein does not want to bring any unpleasant consequences for humanity and instead opts to destroy his terrible creation.

When the creature is finished, he refuses to accept his responsibility as a creator to it. He doesn’t care for it, shelter it, feed it, or affectionately educate it. The monster eventually wants a companion like himself from the doctor.

Frankenstein refuses to accept the obligation of providing a companion for the monster since he does not allow for any contact between himself and his creation. Victor tries to lead a conventional existence, but his abandonment has left the monster perplexed, furious, and terrified.

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