What Does Mentor Do For Odysseus In The Odyssey?

Homer composed the Odyssey. It is one of the two major Greek epic poems written by Homer. This poem is about Odysseus, a Greek hero, and his return home after the fall of Troy at the conclusion of the ten-year Trojan War. Mentor takes charge of Odysseus’ son while Odysseus is away on a campaign in the Trojan War.

The mentor may be seen as a sort of parent for Odysseus throughout the Odyssey. A mentor is left in charge of Telemachus when Odysseus leaves for the Trojan War. He keeps Penelope safe from all her suitors. After returning to Ithaca, he aids Odyssey in defeating them.

Mentor is Odysseus’ aide and counselor in Homer’s Odyssey. Odysseus refers to him as a “former combat buddy,” someone who used to fight alongside him. When Odysseus decides to join the Trojan War, he needs someone wise to raise his son Telemachus and look after the entire household. It’s when he remembers his old and trustworthy friend that things start happening for him again. Odysseus entrusts him with the household. He believes Mentor will handle his family concerns well.

In the Odyssey, Mentor is mentioned or appears in a total of twenty-two instances. He appears at a critical moment in Book II when Telemachus appeals to Ithakans against the suitors. He comes on stage in Book II and aids Telemachus in his effort to persuade Ithacans not to submit to the suitors. He also seeks advice from his experience and wisdom, looking for the proper phrases, as well as persuasion from the Ithacans to follow Telemachus.

Telemachus’ character development is aided by his mentor, who teaches him how to act like a real king. Mentor instructs Telemachus on how to comport oneself as a royal. He informs him of his father’s glorious past and all of his ancestors’ valor. He conveys mental strength that would otherwise be lacking in a 20-year-old man who does not yet comprehend his position in society.

Telemachus would undoubtedly have been murdered by the suitors had it not been for Mentor’s efforts to save Odysseus’ son’s life. All of Odysseus’ attempts to return home would be useless without Telemachus.

Athena is typically portrayed as a Mentor in Odyssey by Homer, making her the goddess’s voice. Athena lends a hand to Telemachus and Odysseus himself while disguised under this guise. When Odysseus is on the verge of being beaten down by suitors, Athena encourages him with encouraging words. Mentor transforms from an old man into a warrior, tipping the scales in favor of fighting against suitors, inspired by Athena. As a result, his bravery serves as a source of inspiration for Odysseus not to give up and continue his noble fight.

Mentor’s character analysis shows a lot of synergy between him and Odysseus. It is based on the two men’s profound trust in one other. They have diverse paths in their lives, but they have similar objectives and values. Mentor represents Telemachus’ many, sometimes conflicting responsibilities as a teacher, counselor, guide, and protector. He emerges as a vital helper for Odysseus by successfully completing them, allowing him to survive all his challenges.

Mentor’s admirable service to Odyssey, as well as all of his kind deeds, were warmly acknowledged. He became a symbol of a good teacher and a mentor for future generations. His name was transformed into a catchall phrase. Nowadays, the term “mentor” refers to someone who is “an experienced individual who assists someone with less expertise.” Mentors’ work is essential for professional and spiritual growth. This is a reminder of how important Mentor was to Odyssey. He was his steadfast supporter and the person he could trust most in the world.

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