What Does Tiresias Predict For Odysseus?

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The blind seer Tiresias was a notable predictor of the sun god Apollo. He provides Odysseus with a prognosis for his future travels and conclusion. The prophet claims that Odysseus’ trip home will be full of obstacles and suffering. He warns him about Helios’ grazing herds on Thrinakia, while also mentioning haughty individuals eating his food and courting his wife.

Tiresias’ prophecy is crucial in the Odyssey. It serves as a precursor to Odysseus’ successful return to Ithaca after his journey home from Troy. The prediction was mostly concerned with the hazards that Odysseus’ crew would encounter.

Poseidon’s son, Zeus, had Helios send his cattle away (another cause for naysayers), so he foretold Helios’ grazing herds gathering on Thrinakia first.

Avoiding these herds is advised by Odysseus and his crew in Helios’s opinion. In no circumstances should you eat them, according to him? The second prediction concerns Odysseus’ homecoming, when he meets haughty, boorish men at Ithaca. The suitors consume from his table and court his loyal wife.

Furthermore, Tiresias states that Odysseus must get rid of the suitors. He does so in the end by either killing them or sending them away from the island. The final lines are about a journey to a location where no one has ever seen the sea and only unsalted meat is consumed.

“What winnowing fan is THAT?” asks a stranger as Odysseus leans on his oar on his shoulder. Only in this manner can Odysseus die with the serenity of mind, according to Tiresias.

Tiresias informs Odysseus that if his men leave the cattle of Helios on Thrinacia Island alone, they will reach home safely. However, if Odysseus’ people damage or steal these animals, he predicts that Odysseus’s crew and the ship will be destroyed.

Tiresias predicts that all the males will die to save for Odysseus. He also foretells that when Odysseus returns home under “strange sail” (different ship), suitors would be eating his food and attempting to wed his wife.