What excerpt from part 2 of the Odyssey best establishes Odysseus’s weakness?

The Odyssey reveals Odysseus’ brave and noble character. Determined, clever, and courageous are some of his characteristics. However, Odysseus possesses one major disadvantage. It is evident in part 2 for readers to see it.

Throughout his travels, Odysseus shows no fear of taking on any obstacle. However, at times he becomes unreasonable and irresponsible. To investigate the cave in the land of the cyclopes, he takes twelve of his finest warriors. They soon realize that Polyphemus, who lives in a cave onshore, is not at home.


Rather than taking some food and returning to the ship, Odysseus tells his men, “I wanted to see what the caveman had to offer.” This line demonstrates how dangerous Odysseus can be. Hubris is a term used to describe Odysseus’ excessive pride. As a result, Polyphemus returns to the cave, sees the intruders, and dismembers two of Odysseus’ men.

Odysseus’ adventures with Polyphemus offer a great deal of insight into his personality. Odysseus’ arrogance frequently causes him to take command irresponsibly. It also shows that Odysseus is human and has flaws, even if he does have pride.

This was reflected in his early sea voyages and followed up on his conflict with the Cyclops. It’s apparent that he has grown more conceited as he goes along with the journey, demonstrating that he can overcome anything without thinking of the appropriate method.

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