What Genre Is Frankenstein?

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The genres of science, gothic, and romantic fiction are not the same. Mary W W Shelley, on the other hand, was able to link them together. She wrote one of the most renowned novels of the nineteenth century. Frankenstein is a composite work that incorporates all three categories. It contains all of each genre’s essential characteristics.

Frankenstein is a Gothic novel that combines elements of both romance and terror. It incorporates supernatural and detective plots. The protagonist is on an inward quest for emotional and moral significance.

Frankenstein depicts the Creature’s mental suffering as well as its creator’s. The tale was inspired by a gothic backdrop. Overall, the tone of the story is sad and dreary.

Frankenstein is also a science fiction narrative. It depicts the creation of an implausible technology that allows the dead to be resurrected. When people discovered galvanism in the 19th century, it was inspired by this book. The narrative, on the other hand, contains a “prophetic vision” of the future. It was the first book to apply scientific thinking to questions about life.

The tale of Frankenstein is still a major topic in today’s culture. It has developed into an illustrious literary work. The Creature, which had its own storyline, was brimming with profound human emotions. Victor Frankenstein’s fears and doubts are genuine. Because of the book’s unique perspective on ghost stories, it continues to be read today.

When a book is labeled as belonging to a certain genre, it becomes the property of that category. The reverse is also true. Because genres are defined in such a way, the book is listed in that group. It’s crucial to consider it from this perspective because genre definitions fluctuate over time, but individual books do not.

Frankenstein may or may not be a part of any, some, or all of those categories. It might also be classified as Horror, symbolic literary fiction, and perhaps another few categories and subcategories. At the absolute least for the immediate future. The definitions of such genres, on the other hand, are almost certainly going to change over time.