What Is Gatsby’s Real History?

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The protagonist’s actual narrative is vastly different from the one he relates to others. James Gatz was born in a poor farmers’ family in North Dakota and later failed to complete his education. He decided to start a new life after failing to finish his education. Gatsby fabricates an alternative persona for himself in order to become someone else’s, ideal man.

Gatsby resumes working on Lake Superior after withdrawing from school. There, he meets Dan Cody, the owner of a stunning yacht. The protagonist warns him about an approaching storm. And Dan Cody offers Gatz the opportunity to work as his personal assistant on his boat.

The main character is fascinated by the simplicity of a wealthy existence while working and traveling with Cody. Dan Cody was an alcoholic, and after a while, he died leaving $25,000 to the young boy. His mistress, on the other hand, refuses to give up his inheritance. Gatz decides that he has to make it on his own as a rich and successful person.

The protagonist invents a new backstory in order to create an alternate reality. He creates a new name, origin, education, family, and career for himself. Self-rejection and embarrassment about his low-class membership are the motivation behind the hoax. Jay is enamored with high-end goods and wishes to be part of the upper class.

Jay Gatsby is actually James Gatz of North Dakota farmland, according to Jay Gatsby is actually James Gatz of North Dakota farmland. Jay Gatsby conceals his identity in The Great Gatsby since he would be excluded from the ranks of gentlemen with old money if he revealed who he was.

In reality, he isn’t wealthy at all. Dan Cody, a man he met while working as a fisherman, made money during the Gold Rush. Soon after, Gatsby became wealthy quickly through bootlegging during Prohibition.