What Is The Cause Of The Problem Between Jordan And Nick?

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He’s superior to them. What is the origin of the rivalry between Jordan and Nick? Nick is wary of her since she’s similar to Daisy and Tom, and last night’s events have soured him on everyone.

The basic reason for the dispute between Jordan Baker and Nick is straightforward. That’s why: Nick is disappointed in Jordan’s emotional response. For Jordan, it only matters how Nick treated her. And despite Myrtle’s recent death, he understands she and her friends are egotistical and ruthless individuals.

The Great Gatsby is considered by F. Scott Fitzgerald to be his finest work. He raises important social issues in the book, which are still relevant today. One of them is the concept of the American Dream.

The author explores this issue in-depth in the book. According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, the American Dream is just a myth. Its perspective throughout the tale is rather negative.

However, it appears that there are some blatant examples of this claim. Jordan, Tom, and Daisy are just concerned with themselves because they are successful people. In his effort to realize his own American Dream, Gatsby perished. Nick was disillusioned by this concept.

Nick Carraway, the narrator of The Great Gatsby, is a character who attempts to reconcile the conflict between old and modern aristocracy. Gatsby symbolizes the materialistic, almost marginal rich individuals from West Egg in Fitzgerald’s novel. Jordan and other characters are representations of East Egg’s reserved and hypocritical ancient nobility. Nick is also an observer and commentator on this struggle.

As a result, it’s reasonable to infer that the author agrees with the new money. He also takes aim at the old aristocracy’s values. The most remarkable thing about it is the debate between Nick and Jordan. Nick’s worries mirror those of the writer in regard to individuals like her. He alleges that Jordan makes him “hard.”

Nick’s actions the night before were a great example of this. He focused on how Nick had treated her after everything that had occurred the previous evening (Myrtle’s death). His comments struck him as selfish and emotionless.