What Is The Climax Of The Great Gatsby?

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The events in Chapter 7 of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” are the conclusion of the novel and, in some ways, its most powerful section. When Tom confronts Gatsby and questions his illicit business, the love triangle agrees to cease their battle.

In the conclusion of “The Great Gatsby,” Nick visits his pal, Gatsby. The latter, however, has replaced all of his servants and sent Nick away by the new butler.

The following day, Tom, Daisy, and Nick have lunch together where Gatsby meets Daisy’s child for the first time. They decide to reveal their relationship during this trip. Instead, they go on a vacation. During their stay at the gasoline station, Tom and Gatsby begin to quarrel.

After they all arrive in New York, the tension between Gatsby and Daisy remains high. At this point in the narrative, Gatsby asks Daisy to declare her love for him. She says, nevertheless, that she loves Tom as well as Gatsby equally. It was also revealed to Tom that had been collecting dirt on Gatsby.

In Chapter 15, Gatsby delves further into the latter’s criminal trade, including sales of illicit alcohol and bottling conspiracies. Daisy is upset by it, and she asks to be driven home. In the last section, Gatsby reveals that he was not responsible for Myrtle’s death.

Instead, it was Daisy since she was driving the automobile. Here are some key elements of “The Great Gatsby’s” conclusion: It occurs in Chapter 7; Gatsby and Daisy continue their affair; Tom has a quarrel with Gatsby; The truth about Gatsw is revealed to Tom; Daisy is disappointed; Nick finds out that Daisy murdered Myrtle.

Myrtle mistaking Gatsby’s automobile for Tom’s and dashing out into the roadway to get hit and killed marks the book’s conclusion. To safeguard Daisy, Gatsaw takes the fall, but George (and then himself) kills Gatsby (and then himself).

In the book, Gatsby’s automobile is mistaken for Tom’s by his lover Myrtle and she runs out into the street to be fatally injured. To protect Daisy, Gatsby takes the fall. George kills Gatsby (and then himself), in retribution for Tom taking away from him.