What Is The First Name Of Miss Earnshaw Wuthering Heights?

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Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is a novel. It is her only book ever published. The story follows a love triangle between an orphaned boy named Heathcliff, the daughter of the man who took him in, and Isabella Linton, Edgar Linton’s sister, who marries the woman he loves. In the end, it’s a sick road to revenge for Heathcliff.

Emily Brontë wrote Wuthering Heights, which is the only novel she published. It’s also the work that established Emily Bronte’s international recognition. This masterpiece is a superb example of Romantic Era literature in action. It’s the story of Catherine Earnshaw, a strong female protagonist in Wuthering Heights.

On the one hand, Christopher Earnshaw appears to be a selfish and pampered individual. He knows what genuine love, concern, and support are on the other hand. Catherine is infatuated with Heathcliff. They were raised together from birth. Even though they were close childhood pals, Catherine does not want to marry him because of his high social standing and murky origin.

Catherine is the female protagonist in Wuthering Heights. Brontë uses Catherine to illustrate the difficulties of deciding between genuine emotions and personal comfort. Catherine’s standing in society is important. She doesn’t marry the guy she loves because he isn’t wealthy or well-known. She marries someone who has money and is respected by her community.

Catherine is often seen as cruel or even violent. It’s quite apparent in her attitude toward her loved ones. Her cruelty, on the other hand, stems from her view of the world and how it operates. Catherine Earnshaw isn’t naturally evil; she’s just capricious and causes problems for her family.

As a result of her youth and attractiveness, most of her relatives call her Cathie. Emily Brontë gives particular attention to the description of his gorgeous features and charming smile. In Wuthering Heights, Catherine is Earnshaw’s first name. She is Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter and the story’s patriarch.