What Is The True Relationship Between Daisy And Tom?

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Daisy and Tom Buchanan are a perfect match. But it is not due to similar goals or heartfelt, romantic sentiments that they complement each other. They are suited for one another since both spouses are obsessed with money and luxury.

Daisy and Tom were married in 1919, three years before the start of the novel. Their families were extremely wealthy, and they represented “old money.” East Egg, which was the most fashionable area, was where they resided according to their position.

Daisy was on the verge of changing her mind before the wedding, but she married Tom “without so much as a shiver” after all. The wife was in love with her spouse at first, but then she had to deal with Tom’s continual infidelity. It only drove her further away from her lover.

The author made a few observations on their relationship, as well. “They weren’t happy, and neither of them had touched the chicken or the ale — and yet they weren’t unhappy either.

There was an undeniable atmosphere of natural intimacy about the picture, and anyone would have said that they were conspiring together.” It’s clear that there was no love, deep affection, or happiness between the characters.

The spouses were unwilling to repair their marriage throughout the narrative. In contrast, both of them began affairs and spent time with their lovers. However, at the conclusion of the narrative, when Gatsby and Myrtle perished, the Butchanans re-united.

To clarify their connection, the author employs this method. The actual goal of their marriage became clear as a result of this approach. Daisy and Tom benefited financially by assuring their position in old money with the wedding. Meanwhile, Tom was glad he had Daisy’s flair and illicit lovers.

Daisy and Tom have spent their whole lives together, so they are unwilling to part ways. Tom has several extramarital relationships that he does not hide well from Daisy; nevertheless, he adores having a beautiful partner who is sociable.

Daisy loves Gatsby and understands that Tom cheats on her, but she likes living the high life. In the end, they do not have a very loving marriage; nonetheless, due to circumstances beyond love, they are firmly linked.