What Kind Of Injury Did Hareton Experience?

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Near the conclusion of the book, Hareton unintentionally shoots himself. This accident is a positive thing in that it forces Hareton and Cathy together. The limitations placed on him bring him and Cathy even closer together.

Many of Charlotte Brontë’s characters have tragic fates in Jane Eyre. Hareton and Cathy are able to overcome their challenges. It took them a long time to get used to one another and forgive.

The way Cathy treats Hareton is comparable to the manner in which Catherine treats Heathcliff. Heathcliff’s biggest problem is a lack of comprehension. He can’t let go of his resentment. His personality isn’t developed enough. In the end, Hareton and Cathy are able to address these very issues.

Hareton was raised in the harsh world of Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff treated him just as Hindley had done. Hareton did not receive an education. Heathcliff views the boy as a slave and acts accordingly. Although his upbringing caused Cathy to reject him for who he really is, it also softened Heathcliff’s attitude toward him.

Cathy is torn between liking and disliking Hareton. He is illiterate and uneducated, and he comes from a lower caste. Cathy becomes more appreciative of the boy’s efforts with time.

It’s the unfortunate accident that helps them build a bond. While walking through the hills, Hareton shoots himself by mistake. Cathy cares for him, and she falls in love with him while caring for him. According to Thomas J. Joudrey, fostering understanding among individuals who are different encourages positive interaction.

The injury of Hareton proves to be a “good thing that turned bad.” It highlighted both Cathy and Hareton’s good qualities. They buried their animosity and sought to improve.

It was beneficial for their relationship as a result of this event. People are often influenced by preconceptions. Finding a respectable firm in the business world may take time and tolerance. It is sometimes necessary or unavoidable events like this that occur unexpectedly.