What Major Event Occurs In Frankenstein’s Life When He Is 17 Years Old?

Frankenstein’s life takes a significant turn when he is seventeen years old. One tough challenge that he faces is the death of his mother, Caroline. It isn’t, however, the end of the story. At the same time, Frankenstein was compelled to leave his home and attend a German university.

At the age of 21, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. She anonymously published her book in 1818. Her work is still known as the world’s first sci-fi novel. Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist of the story, which tells the tale of his youth. He creates a monster as a result of several experiments.

Shelley uses the life of Dr. Frankenstein to develop her protagonist and plot. So she places him in a rather difficult situation at a tender age. Caroline Beaufort, his mother, passes away first, succumbing to scarlet fever. Elizabeth, Victor’s wife, and female characters in the Frankenstein family died prematurely as well. As a result, Victor leaves home to study at the University of Ingolstadt in Germany.

He dreams of bringing his dead bride back to life in order to have her with him always. Thus, he embarks on a course of study that will give him mastery over all things artificial. To complete the Monster’s body, Frankenstein begins with the head and works down to the hands before going through its insides one last time.

This is another example of how these events’ concurrence is linked. He becomes a parent to the monster he creates as a result of these events. Furthermore, like his father before him, he also masters alchemy and puts it to use for evil purposes (in this case creating an elixir).

When he was 17, his mother died of the flu, and he went to school in Germany. Elizabeth is diagnosed with scarlet fever, which nearly kills her.

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