What Motivates Cyclops To Ask Poseidon To Interfere With Odysseus’s Journey Home?

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The Cyclops is enraged that Odysseus, a tiny and weak person, was able to blind him and deceive him. Worse yet, despite the fact that the Cyclops promises to treat him well if he returns, Odysseus has no guilt or remorse. Instead of apologizing, Odysseus humiliates the Cyclops even more than once during his getaway. Because the gods have power over men’s lives, the Cyclopes is determined to seek punishment against Odysseus.

Polyphemus, the one-eyed brother of Cyclopes Polyphemus, is enraged with Odysseus for tricking and blinding him. The hero taunts the Cyclops as he flees, then reveals his name to the astonished monster. Poseidon causes havoc on Odysseus’s journey home after Polyphemus enrages Poseidon by revealing his identity.

In Book 9, Polyphemus is introduced to the readers. Odysseus’ travels to the hospitable Phaeacians are recounted in this book. Poseidon’s Cyclops was a sea nymph and the offspring of an Olympic god and a woman. He dwells on Sicily’s island with other one-eyed people like him.

Polyphemus captures the hero and his men as they enter his cave and traps them inside. The son of Poseidon refuses to grant the Greeks the custom of hospitality. As a result, he does not offer them food or refuge. He devours some of Odysseus’s companions and keeps the rest hostage instead.

Odysseus’ invincibility is demonstrated when he manages to flee from Polyphemus and save himself and the crew with his unrivaled craftiness. The famed Greek pours Polyphemus a strong wine, becoming him intoxicated. Odysseum then blinds the Cyclops with a burning piece of wood as he falls asleep.

With his pride and hubris, Odysseus revealed his name and put his men in greater danger. Polyphemus sought vengeance on Poseidon because he was hurt and embarrassed by the hero. He requested that Poseidon interfere with the hero’s return home to Ithaca.