What Prevents Odysseus From Killing The Sleeping Cyclops

  • He thinks he can reason with the Cyclops in the morning.
  • He wants to make the Cyclops his ally and friend.
  • He knows that they cannot move the boulder blocking the doorway.
  • He feels sorry for the Cyclops, who lives all by himself.

Odysseus was aware that the huge rock blocking the cave’s exit was beyond their capabilities to shift by themselves.

The story of Odysseus begins in Homer’s The Iliad, but his second poem, The Odyssey, recounts the tale of Odysseus’ ten-year journey across the seas in search of the home after the Trojan War. For strategy and guile, Odysseus was favored by Athena.

After their long journey, the main character and his crewmates discovered an island where they decided to relax. They soon discovered a vast cave – the home of the enormous Cyclops – son of Poseidon – which was inhabited by a single family. The crew had no idea who lived in the cave, nor would they have waited outside for him if he did not appear immediately.

This was due to xenia, or hospitality practice, as defined by ancient Greeks. It said that people should welcome strangers into their homes with open arms. The men entered the cave after comprehending the cyclops.

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The cyclops, like many other mythical beings from Greek mythology, was a lawless individual. So, when he discovered a group of people who had snuck into his house and eaten his meals, he decided to murder and consume them. He just killed part of the crew before going to sleep. Odysseus was allowed to get rid of the cyclops.

However, the courageous commander plotted to blind the monster and use his power to release the other men. The furious Cyclops followed the voices of his crewmates. They eventually brought him to an area where he was able on a rock that sealed off the only exit from the cave. Odysseus was able to let everyone out of the cave by blinding the Titan. In some situations, if they had slain the Cyclops while he slept, it would have become their grave.