What Was Gatsby’s Reaction To Daisy’s Child?

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Daisy’s daughter, on the other hand, caused Gatsby to show surprise and shock. Gatsby and I leaned down together to take the small hesitant hand. He continued looking at her with astonishment after that. Before, I don’t believe he truly believed in its existence. When Gatsby sees Daisy’s youngster, he is taken aback.

Gatsby was shocked to learn that Daisy had a kid, seeing her as a daydream rather than a woman. The main character was head-over-heels in love with an ethereal girl who hardly had any flesh. As such, she could not possibly be linked to such earthly characteristics as childbirth.

The novel The Great Gatsby explores several contemporary concerns. However, the protagonist’s passion for a woman is at the heart of the narrative. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the book’s author, said that it addressed social issues. The concern focuses on how Jay Gatsby regarded Daisy Buchanan. She was an incarnation of the American Dream and a sensual love figure for him.

Clearly, symbols and aspirations are very far from reality. As a result, Daisy’s daughter was something disgusting and impossible for Gatsby to accept. His attitude towards the kid was not hostile; in fact, he viewed her as a figment of his imagination. The girl became an abstraction to him; he didn’t believe she existed. He was captivated by the woman of his teenage fantasies.

The Great Gatsby is a tragedy about people deceiving themselves and each other, which leads to misery and death. Jay’s response to Daisy’s child was not only natural but also perfectly acceptable.

He preferred to indulge himself without thinking of the consequences. The kid might grow up to be the one who can help the protagonist return to reality. But he chose to disregard his connection with reality in order for him to pursue his ambition.