When Did Elizabeth Learn The Truth About Wickham

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Elizabeth Bennet is forced by her parents to marry in Pride and Prejudice. Unlike her sisters, she rebels against the concept of being submissive during the marriage. He loves his freedom, and he doesn’t want to get married for money. However, when she meets Mr. Darcy, her viewpoint changes. Initially, she is put off by his aloofness, but later on, she understands that beneath his frosty surface lies a kind and caring person who values her intellect and honesty.

Darcy’s letter exposes Elizabeth to the harsh reality surrounding Wickham. At first, the heroine is unwilling to believe that she has been defrauded in such a devious way. Elizabeth, on the other hand, recognizes a liar’s depravity.

The focus of the book is on Elizabeth Bennet’s and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s relationships. The protagonist was born to a country gentleman’s family. He will later become her future husband. A wealthy aristocratic landowner is a protagonist in this narrative.

The father of the young lady is determined to marry all of his daughters. Elizabeth meets both Fitzwilliam Darcy and George Wickham in her search for a husband. The latter wins over the young woman, but he wishes to raise Elizabeth’s animosity toward Darcy. He informs Elizabeth that Darcy had broken his father’s last words.

Darcy’s regard for Jane grows. He is impressed by her energy and intellect. The character even has the courage to declare his love for Elizabeth and make a proposition. Elisa is taken aback when such a sequence of events occurs. She puts the blame on the groom, claiming that he caused Bingley and Jane’s breakup. In order to explain his behavior, the wounded man composes a letter in which he explains why he felt mistrustful about Jane’s sentiments.

Finally, Darcy confesses his love for Elizabeth. He explains that Wickham squandered all of his money. Then, in order to acquire money and gain control of her fortune, he plotted to marry Elizabeth’s sister, who was just 15 years old at the time. Due to his disloyalty and self-interests, Elizabeth becomes distrustful of Wickham. She takes a new look at Darcy from a different perspective.