Where Does Claudius Send Cornelius And Voltimand?

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Hamlet is a Danish comedy by William Shakespeare that revolves around the protagonist, Hamlet. The plot focuses on Hamlet, the prince. He finds out that his father, King Hamlet, was murdered by his brother Claudius. Hamlets kill Claudio but are subsequently poisoned himself as well as his mother.

Claudius sends Cornelius and Voltimand to Norway, where they are instructed to deliver a letter in which he requests their king’s aid. He is concerned that the quarrel between him and Prince Fortinbras, the Norwegian king’s nephew, might develop into a Denmark-Norway war. However, it stems from a long-standing rivalry.

The conflict began when King Hamlet, killed by Claudius, murdered Fortinbras’ father. The young Prince yearned for revenge. It appears that the Norwegian king was oblivious of the situation. He thought that the coming battle would be with Poland. As a result, the dispute was resolved peacefully.

Because of his uncle’s persuasion, the Prince decided to renounce his intent to wage war against Denmark. Furthermore, Claudius made a financial offer to Prince Fortinbras and controlled his fury so he could direct it toward Poland.

Cornelius and Voltimand are the king’s emissaries, who wish to demonstrate their devotion to the monarch. They serve as the king’s ambassadors. Claudius’ inability to act is demonstrated by his subordinates. He sends someone in his place.

His power derives from his manipulative actions and speeches, but he may not be able to fix everything on his own. Despite wanting the best for everyone involved, he is cautious and prefers peace for himself rather than others, even though it is in everyone’s best interests.

Claudius, nevertheless, has to ask for aid. Denmark is no longer as powerful as it used to be. The bad guys no longer worry about Danish might. As a result, Claudius makes a negative monarchical impression. Claudius sends Cornelius and Voltemand, two courtiers, to Norway to handle the issue.