Which Aspect Of Gothic Literature Do The First Four Chapters Of Frankenstein Most Clearly Show?

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The distinct feature of Gothic literature demonstrated by the first four chapters of Frankenstein is a central figure who is a man-made invention.

The romantic hero is introduced in the early sections of Frankenstein. He is searching for answers to the mystery of life’s beginning. It is an eerie atmosphere. The pieces include horrific situations that make readers anxious.

Frankenstein’s idealized goals collide with the terror and madness produced by their creation. The following are the most important aspects of gothic literature:

  • The romantic and ambitious hunger for the unknown;
  • The creepy ambiance and frightening locations;
  • The gap between the ideals and the terrifying reality.

Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with the question of life. He was intrigued by the possibility of electricity as a young boy. Victor learns about the importance of education and science from his father.

The works of ambitious ancient alchemists inspire him to begin his work. Victor is blinded by his love for mystery until the end result of his experiment goes out of control. His goals are both exciting and daunting at the same time.

Victor must confront his future spouse’s sickness and the death of his mother when he joins university. After experiencing these awful events, he departs home for two years to study chemistry in isolation.

Gothic literature is known for its solitude, which heightens the suspense. Victor concentrates on building a fresh life during his studies, so he explores burial grounds inhabited by ghosts in a terrifying gothic cemetery.

On a spooky stormy November night, Victor is terrorized by the monster. Victor is petrified of the beast. It makes him faint and has frightening dreams about his loved ones. When the monster’s cage is broken open, Victor becomes sick and continues to have nightmares about his creation. In gothic novels, there are often references to Victor’s fear, as well as a ghostly setting, and a corpse reanimating itself.