Which Excerpt From “The Yellow Wallpaper” Contradicts The Narrator’s Belief That She Is Improving?

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The Yellow Wallpaper is a narrative by feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In a room with yellow wallpaper, the protagonist of the tale undergoes a “rest cure.” The pattern on the wallpaper is discussed.

The woman keeps a diary in which she documents her progress. From Chapter 11 on, seeing the design on the wallpaper becomes an obsession for the woman. Hallucinations begin to plague her from Chapter 11 onwards as she ponders about the pattern on the wallpaper.

Her spouse is adamant that she get better. As a consequence, the hero tries to convince herself that this is the case in order to document her progress in her diary. Her condition, on the other hand, gets worse as her fixations transform into hallucinations. She begins to see a woman’s form behind the ugly wallpaper pattern, which now resembles a cage.

The lady in the photo is attempting to flee. The protagonist assists her by destroying a horizontal strip of wallpaper around the room’s perimeter. She is now having hallucinations.

A woman crawls along rooftops here and there, skulking away from him. Finally, on the day before leaving home, the heroine locks herself in a room to execute her plan. She rips away much of the wallpaper, freeing the captive behind it.

She also detects a scratch on the wallpaper that runs all around the room’s edge. The protagonist begins crawling along with it, resting against it every now and again.

John, the heroine’s spouse, faints when he sees this scene. She only remarks that he fell on her path and that she will now have to crawl over him. This poem was written by Charlotte Gilman after she went through a “rest cure” similar to this one.

Her husband and the doctor believed she had nervous exhaustion as a result of childbirth. The treatment with inactivity and loneliness, however, proved ineffective. These occurrences inspired Gilman to write the tale.

I really am eating healthier and am quieter than I was previously. Life is considerably more interesting now than it used to be. You’ll notice a difference in my tone of voice since I’ve mentioned it. nAt night, I don’t sleep much because watching developments is so fascinating; nevertheless, during the day I do sleep a lot. John is ecstatic about my progress! He giggled a little the other day and said that despite my wallpaper, I seemed to be blossoming.