Which Theme Best Fits The Story Of Frankenstein?

The best theme for Frankenstein is that people should not try to play God. Victor was able to bring life into being. But there were unforeseen consequences. The Frankenstein narrative has a number of themes running through it. The key message is that individuals should not pretend to be gods or mess with nature.

Throughout the narrative, Victor’s religious concept continues. Victor’s efforts come to an end as a result of his ambitions. Frankenstein is rife with references to creator and creation. The message is that careful planning and foresight are crucial in every scientific endeavor.

The goal of creating Frankenstein is to break the natural laws of nature. For two years, he immerses himself in the realm of death. There, he explores burial mold, gathers bones from crypts, and penetrates the innermost parts of the human body.

All of this is done to bring back the dead flesh. Victor’s supply came mostly from the slaughterhouse and anatomical theater. The Gothic mystery theme in the book is linked with Frankenstein’s hidden research in laboratories and crypts.

Shelley demonstrates the visual character of psychology. Monologues, statements, and activities in the spiritual world of the protagonist are revealed. The novelist condemns wild fanaticism through the hero’s thoughts. The author emphasizes that this may lead to a clash between intellect and ethics.

The major topic that is expected to arise at some point in the story is the concept of birth and creation. The tale of a guy’s (a scientists) plans to take God’s place in creating humanity as well as remove the function of a woman from making life within nature.

We all know that God created Adam and that he endowed him with his beauty, subsequently instructing them to ‘go and multiply.’ Victor an intrepid man rids the world of each deity and woman. In a very sense, Mary God wins Paradise for Wollstonecraft Shelley by parodying the Biblical account of creation.

Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ is regarded as one of the most well-known works by her. It is shown to be one of the all-time classic ‘science fiction’ that continues to today. Frankenstein is a hybrid Science Fiction narrative that still sends chills down people’s spines even now. You should read it once if you truly want to thrill yourself.

“Humans should not try to dominate the world” is the best motif for Frankenstein’s tale. Furthermore, this novel demonstrates how people’s actions can have unexpected outcomes.