Who Became Infatuated With Heathcliff?

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Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights is a novel. Isabella Linton becomes infatuated with Heathcliff in the narrative. She marries him. The relationship is miserable and abusive. Heathcliff exploits Isabella as a weapon against her brother Edgar.

Their marriage was devoid of love and care. Heathcliff’s treatment of Isabella drove her to bitterness and cruelty, making her stronger in the process. It also made Isabella more resilient.

Isabella Linton is Edgar’s younger sister. To begin, she is seen as a charming yet selfish youngster. She then matures into a beautiful but superficial young lady. Isabella is the polar opposite of Catherine. She differs in appearance and disposition from her brother. Heathcliff draws the woman’s attention. She doesn’t recognize his true intentions or cruelty.

Isabella’s wealth attracts Heathcliff. He seeks vengeance and marries them to get it. Heathcliff is considered a romantic hero by Isabella. The guy has no feelings for her, but she refuses to acknowledge it. Her infatuation with him is quite disturbing.

Heathcliff and Isabella’s marriage is a disaster. The guy has no regard for his wife or her well-being. He only spits on her. In reality, Heathcliff takes a vicious approach to warn Isabella against marrying him. He states that he does not adore her.

Nonetheless, the two marry. Heathcliff exploits the relationship in order to obtain emotional and financial control over Isabella. In the end, Isabella chooses to leave her abusive spouse.

To summarize, the tale of Heathcliff and Isabella represents an ill omen. The calamity that destroys their lives. Isabella’s egregious error is brought into sharp relief by the harsh truth. She fell in love with a nasty man because of her compassion for others.

The angry husband lashes out at others in order to assuage his own pain. Isabella is duped and suffers the consequences. She feels neglected and enslaved. However, not only does Isabella’s terrible occurrences bring out cruelty in her. They also reveal her inner fortitude.

Cat and Isabella regularly pay a visit to the Heights, while Heathcliff frequents the Grange. Isabella becomes infatuated with Heathcliff during these trips. He is not interested in the young lady herself, but he is intrigued by her role as her brother’s heir.