Who Finally Helped Cathy To Escape From Wuthering Heights?

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Cathy is trapped in the manor of Wuthering Heights as part of Heathcliff’s scheme. She wants to get back home as soon as possible, and she demands that she be released. Liston grows irritated with her hysterics and consents to release her. Cathy still has a lot of challenges ahead of her, but she is set free. Linton’s innocence aids in the escape’s success.

Wuthering Heights is the story of Cathy, a young woman who is imprisoned in the manor of Wuthering Heights by Heathcliff and his son Linton. Heathcliff wishes to marry Cathy, and Linton stands in his way. She refuses him. As a result, Linton confines her to the house. Even after she agrees to marry Linton, Heathcliff will not allow her to leave.

On the fifth day of her imprisonment, Nelly finds out about the rumors. They claim that she and Cathy got lost in the mashes. She has a conversation with Linton. The man informs her that Cathy is uncooperative.

He emphasizes that the release will not happen. At this time, Nelly inadvertently learns that Cathy’s father is dying at home. The housekeeper loses hope of assisting Cathy. In the end, she returns to Thrushcross Grange alone on her own steam.

When Nelly arrives at Thrushcross Grange, the dying Edgar is hesitant to hear the truth. Instead of telling the anxious father that his daughter is safe and will return soon, she lies to him and assures him that she is. Deception, rather than honesty, serves as a benefit for Nelly.

The housekeeper sends servants to Wuthering Heights in an attempt to save Cathy. Her efforts are fruitless. When Edgar orders the lawyer, Cathy appears at Thrushcross Grange. She succeeds in escaping from the mansion at last. Cries and sobs can be heard emanating from within the room as Linton complains about it being too loud.

‘I can’t stay with her,’ he answered crossly. ‘I’ll not stay by myself. She cries, so I can’t bear it. And she won’t give over, though I say I’ll call my father.”

Cathy’s return isn’t being taken seriously by Linton. He agrees to let her out of the room. The guy is confident that allowing her outside will make Cathy happy. Cathy is allowed to walk around the grounds without supervision, to his surprise. By escaping through marshes, Cathy takes advantage of Linton’s generosity and blind trust by fleeing:

“She dared not try the doors lest the dogs should raise the alarm; she visited the empty chambers and examined their windows; and, luckily, lighting on her mother’s, she got easily out of its lattice, and on to the ground, by means of the fir-tree close by.”

Back at Thrushcross Grange, Cathy enters her father’s bedroom for the first time since she was a child. Edgar passes away in peace, without complaint. He believes his daughter is very satisfied with her marriage at the conclusion.

Linton’s mistake allows Cathy to successfully flee from Wuthering Heights Manor before he can catch up with him. She is able to see her father one last time before he dies, while Heathcliff’s revenge scheme begins to fall apart.

He was sick of her crying, and the deed had already been completed.