Who Is The Male Love Interest In The Novel Wuthering Heights?

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In the book, Heathcliff is the primary male protagonist and a love interest. It’s clear that this guy is the novel’s protagonist. However, he strives to be an anti-hero. His identification is a mystery to us. He has a certain reputation for being violent, passionate, moody, and melodramatic.

The protagonist emerges from the start as a total mystery. The readers are never given information about his background or identity. Heathcliff was an orphan as a youngster who was constantly on the outskirts losing people and was referred to as a gypsy and a vampire in the book. He is referred to as a gypsy and a vampire because he’s violent and unpredictable.

Despite the fact that the characters evoke negative feelings from readers, they are unable to despise him entirely. Heathcliff loves Catherine and this is why he receives sympathy from readers of the book. His sentiments expose his kind nature and humanity. As a result, it’s easier to sympathize with and like this individual.

When his lover marries someone else, Heathcliff is furious. He spends the rest of his life making a fuss and feeling sad. This anguish also shows that he is a compassionate hero. Even though he is injured, the protagonist still loves Catherine and wishes to take revenge.

Overall, Heathcliff is a divisive figure. This is why he elicits both good and bad reactions from his audience. The readers may refer to him as the main love interest due to his devotion to Catherine.

Heathcliff is an orphan adopted by Mr. Earnshaw at the age of five and raised in Wuthering Heights with Hindley, Mr. Earnshaw’s son. At the death of his father, Heathcliff’s tender devotion to Catherine is driven utterly insane by Hindley, who treats him as a slave. Catherine marries Edgar Linton instead of Heathcliff because of her need for social standing.

After suffering at Hindley’s hands, Heathcliff embarks on a decades-long campaign of hatred against her, their children (Hareton and young Catherine), and the estate. He acquires a fortune and uses his extraordinary willpower to acquire both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, the home of Edgar Linton, a powerful, fierce, and sometimes sadistic man.