Why Did Catherine And Heathcliff Go To The Grange?

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The young man and woman had never been to the Grange before since they were simply intrigued. They picked to observe how strange Lintons spent their evenings and ridicule them. Catherine and Heathcliff contrasted the siblings’ way of life with what they had at Wuthering Heights in the past.

Wuthering Heights is about class distinctions and the difficulties of being poor. The Earnshaws’ and Lintons’ family domains are contrasted in the novel Wuthering Heights. She contrasts their origins, upbringing, and lifestyle to highlight how radically they differ. Thrushcross Grange is more concerned with tranquil living than anxiety, conflict, or subconscious emotions.

Heathcliff and Catherine are the representations of previous times when those who defied authority were called “rebels.” Hindley’s numerous rules and limitations have motivated them to try to become actual uprisings. Edgar and Isabella, on the other hand, are well-behaved children from prominent families. They are proud and anxious Linton kids, though.

After being scolded for minor misbehavior, Catherine and Heathcliff decide to relive one more time the freedom they have been deprived of. They flee their own home in order to observe how the Lintons spend their Sunday night. The child and girl are intrigued by the property’s interior as well as the people who live there.

The Lindys ridiculed Isabella and Edgar for their intense squabbling over a dog they both wanted to play with. Then Earnshaws goaded the Lintons on purpose. They let out a bulldog, which mauls Cathrine’s leg as she screams in agony, after releasing him too quickly. It was the first time that children from opposing households came together.

Cathrine was at Thrushcross Grange for almost five weeks. It altered her viewpoints and caused a disconnection with her step-brother. This chapter on watching Mr. Linton’s children serves to highlight the differences between the two families in Emily Brontë’s work. It is here that Earn’s direct quest for genuine feelings meets Lintons’ personal sense of comfort.’

Despite his misdeed, Nelly awaits them and is shocked when Heathcliff returns alone. He tells her that he and Catherine traveled to Thrushcross Grange to spy on and tease Edgar and Isabella Linton, Mr. Linton’s children, in order to obtain information for their plan.