Why Did Daisy Marry Tom?

Daisy was most likely engaged Tom because she knew he would be able to offer her more material comforts, despite the fact that she still loved Gatsby. Jordan recounts in Chapter 4 how Daisy was drunk, sobbing, and clutching a letter the day before the wedding. Daisy has thrown away a $350,000 pearl necklace that Tom gave her – a gift worth millions of dollars. Most likely, the letter is from Gatsby, who has probably heard about the wedding and begs Daisy to reconsider.

Even after giving her an insanely costly necklace, Tom is still a student living abroad who has yet to make his money. Daisy must be aware that Tom will be considerably more likely to fulfill her demands as a result of their relationship. After taking a bath and calming down, Daisy agrees to marry Tom and appears at least somewhat pleased with herself.

In The Great Gatsby, several love stories intertwine. Daisy loves Gatsby and her spouse, George adores Myrtle, but she is married to Tom. However, the most intriguing love triangle in The Great Gatsby is between Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom. It’s odd that Daisy went for a guy who didn’t adore her at all.

Daisy is not the sort to be criticized since she lacked the fortitude to stick with Gatsby. He was far away, and it was uncertain if he would ever return. She married Tom due to his position as a wealthy person’s security. Nick explains that Daisy married Tom due to external pressure and desire for companionship.

The lady was rather young and eager to wait for her prince’s return home safely. That is why she, once again, succumbed to the ostentatious lifestyle. Inevitably, she came into contact with someone who was as “artificial” as herself. But Tom was able to provide Daisy exactly what she desired. She wanted more money, a male companion by her side, and all of it right now.

Daisy was quick to find a new partner after Gatsby departed, and she married him the same day. She had an odd connection with Tom, and they continued to cheat on one another. They were still unwilling to give up their marriage, however. Later in the narrative, Daisy experienced the same conflicting emotions. Daisy was once again given the option of staying with her spouse or going away with Gatsby. As you can see from this passage, she still preferred a normal and familiar existence with Tom.

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