Why Did Gatsby Change His Name

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When James Gatz was seventeen, he changed his name to Jay Gatsby. He did it to fit in with his new lifestyle and express a desire for money and position.

A mysterious multi-millionaire named Jay Gatsby is introduced. He has a magnificent home and hosts lavish parties on a weekly basis. Nick perceives him as a self-made man who has dedicated his life to becoming rich and successful.

However, his real objective is to reclaim the woman he loves. Gatsby is referred to as someone who has molded himself. It’s an admirable ability to succeed in everything he aims for.

James Gatz was born in North Dakota as the son of poor farmers and became known as Jay Gatsby. At the age of seventeen, he met Dan Cody, a wealthy individual who would become his mentor. James got accustomed to the wealthy and powerful lifestyle over the next several years.

Then he took on the name Jay Gatsby to make it seem more regal. The decision was influenced by George’s desire to dissociate himself from his family and background. He wanted to reinvent his identity into one of a wealthy and successful individual. His new personality and way of life were supposed to be reflected in the name.

The American Dream is the core theme of Gatsby. He pictured himself as a wealthy, refined, and respected person from an early age. However, it was not necessarily linked to his background.

He desired to be someone else so badly that he was prepared to do anything to achieve his goals. Gatsby was willing to abandon everything, including his own name, in order to realize them. It was simply a reflection of his ambitions for him to alter his name.

Gatsby desired a name that reflected his goals and the life he aspired to establish for himself. He was James Gatz, but Jay Gatsby would be the man he would create himself.

He took the name “Gatsby” because he wanted a better, more affluent life at age 17. He changed his name to reflect his higher station in life. He utters it when he rows across to Dan Cody’s yacht for the first time.