Why Did John Faint In The Yellow Wallpaper?

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In the most basic sense, John faints because he is overwhelmed by what he sees. His wife has immersed herself in the wallpaper and the patterns she has perceived within it. When speaking to his wife, he is called “crying” out, illustrating how little he understands what he sees.

The husband’s trauma at the end of the narrative is due to his shock at the wife’s mental condition. He recommends “rest therapy” to prevent any distressing events from causing his wife’s depression to get worse. But this technique merely drove the main character insane, which John witnessed in full glory in chapter conclusion.

The unnamed narrator’s abusive spouse is John, the antagonist of The Yellow Wallpaper. He orders his wife to take a “rest cure.” It entirely removes distressing events from the patient’s life. However, it only exacerbates her mental illness. The narrator is kept confined to their house with a tyrannical family for company.

The yellow wallpaper spins the woman out of control. She gets obsessed with it, to the point that she loses control. The narrator was disturbed by it at first and asked John to take it down. He disagrees, implying that if he fulfills her wish, he will also validate her paranoid fears.

In secrecy, the protagonist is obsessed with the paper. Ignorant John recognizes it as a step forward. In the last scene, the protagonist reaches a new level of insanity. She tries to remove the wallpaper that imprisoned the trapped lady. After that, John realizes his mistake.

When the door is opened, the patient is ripping off the wallpaper, creeping and crawling about inside. It comes as a surprise to him since John believed that his wife’s mental condition was improving. He faints, implying that he relinquishes control of her.

John’s faintness at the conclusion of the book is caused by his shock towards his wife’s mental state. He is a doctor and tries to help his wife. To prevent sad events from aggravating the protagonist’s melancholy, the character recommends “rest treatment.” This method merely causes the protagonist to go insane. In the last chapter, John witnesses firsthand the consequences of his actions.

At the tale’s conclusion, John, the cruel husband of the nameless narrator, collapses. He is the adversary of The Yellow Wallpaper. He gives his wife “rest therapy” as a caregiver. It is intended to remove distressing events from a patient’s life. However, it has the opposite effect.

The main character goes insane over the yellow wallpaper, spiraling out of control. She is not assisted solely to do so from the confines of her home and the presence of a controlling family. Initially, the narrator finds it distressing, and she requests that John remove it. He disagrees, claiming that if he fulfills her wish, he would also validate her paranoid thoughts.

In secret, the protagonist becomes obsessed with the paper. At first, John is fooled by it. The madness climax occurs during the last scene. She attempts to break down the wall covering up the imprisoned lady. When he finds out, John regrets his mistake.

When he opens the door, he sees that his patient is ripping up the wallpaper, rummaging about in the room, and crawling around. This comes as a complete surprise to him because John believed his wife’s mental condition was getting better. He faints, which may also be interpreted as symbolizing his loss of authority over her.