Why Does Jordan Want To Leave The Group From East Egg?

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She’s bored with the group, and there’s a young guy acting as her guide who has been attempting to overly familiarize himself with her.

When she relocated to Long Island, she got weary of the company she was keeping and spent most of her life there. On Long Island, old money lived on in East Egg. As a result, the environment there was drab, forcing Jordan to seek new emotions. In addition, a young guy doggedly trailed after her, giving her too much attention.

The themes in The Great Gatsby are thick with symbolism. They assist the reader in gaining a greater understanding of the book’s historical background. As a result, the characters’ split into West and East Egg is one such symbol. Residents of the former live a lifestyle predetermined by their parents, whereas those of the latter have a more traditional existence.

Daisy Buchanan’s close acquaintance and the professional female golfer are Jordan Baker. The young lady is a typical representative of her generation. She is used to following the same routine every day for nearly all of her life. Jordan now desires to venture out into new territory beyond money.

Furthermore, the young lady is weary of her environment’s continuous attention. Her bodyguard, who gives her little freedom to live, is genuinely frightening. As a consequence, Jordan Baker yearns for a life where at least some things go wrong unexpectedly. It would be in direct violation of East End traditions.