Why Does The Narrator First Dislike The Yellow Wallpaper?

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The protagonist, who also narrates, becomes sicker and sicker in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” a short story in which she deteriorates as a result of a treatment therapy that only exacerbates her sickness. Charlotte Gilman based the story on her own experiences with rest cure, which is detailed within the text.

The narrator finds the wallpaper’s yellow color sickening and repulsive. She doesn’t care for the erratic designs or that the paper is flaking away. It’s the worst paper she’s ever seen, according to her.

The wallpaper is initially tainted with controversy in the narrator’s mind. She termed the color “lurid orange” to “sulphur tint.” At the same time, the designs appear drab and unpleasant.

She comments that they “commit suicide” as her attention follows the lines. This metaphor implies how she feels on the inside. Now that you’ve seen what surrounds this narrative, it’s time to look at where her tension comes from.

The narrator is captured in a room she thinks was previously used as a nursery. She is unable to do anything as a result of her doctor’s orders. There’s no wonder she gets even more melancholy as a result.

When her husband refuses to replace the wallpaper, she decides to seek another source of dread. He thinks she will find a new cause for worry. She notes in her diary that he is probably correct about this.

It implies that the problem isn’t the wallpaper but rather the narrator’s concern. Her husband’s carelessness, on the other hand, contributes to her mental illness worsening.

The wallpaper’s love for the lady grows as the narrative goes on. Her perception of reality is beginning to warp. She has hallucinations and sees a woman behind the wallpaper as they prepare to leave the manor.

By the time they reach their automobile, she has entirely lost touch with reality. The lady believes herself to be trapped in the wallpaper, believing she is one of its fragments.

When she is confined to her bed for an extended time, she despises the wallpaper’s ugly/chaotic pattern and has no choice but to look at it for the rest of her prescription.