Her Voice Is Full Of Money

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What was his point? Money isn’t something that can be disconnected from your body. You’re born with money if you’re rich, and everyone knows it. That’s also why Gatsby is faking it, according to the narrator.

To describe Daisy’s voice, Gatsby employs a simile that refers to the main character’s life history. Gatsby was in his youth extremely poor, so becoming wealthy was his primary objective. Because he has to win her back, Jay compares Daisy to cash. It’s the one thing that will make him feel whole again after returning from war.

The plot of The Great Gatsby revolves around Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan’s complicated connection. Jay climbed the ladder through illegal means. Now, he strives to win Daisy’s affection and marry her. In many ways, Tom and Gatsby’s efforts to win Daisy’s love are comparable.

However, their sources of income are not the same. Gatsby’s wish to win Daisy’s love is symbolized by the metaphor “her voice is full of money.” All characters in the novel are obsessed with wealth. Gatsby believes that both values are equivalent.

In “The Great Gatsby,” the author compares old money to new money. The purpose of this is to highlight important distinctions in American culture and history. The concept of the American Dream is addressed, as well as some people’s blindness to it.

Gatsby secures the cash he believes will assist him to reclaim Daisy from Tom. As a result, he has blindly accepted money’s power to achieve anything. He feels that Daisy is the missing element of his perfect existence. And, as you may see, Gatsby compares Daisy’s voice to money.

Daisy comes from a wealthy family, and there have always been linguistic indicators of money and aristocracy. Her voice may seem like that of a typical rich person’s voice. Nick also states that her voice has the sound of coins clinking together, high and musical in tone.

Daisy and money, on the other hand, are inextricably linked in Gatsby’s thoughts. She has always been wealthy, and he has always aspired to be wealthy. His entire fortune and luxury lifestyle appear to exist for the sole purpose of impressing her. He is reminded of money when he hears her voice.