How Does Hindley Die?

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Hindley’s wife, Frances, dies. Hindley becomes an alcoholic and a gambler after her death. When Heathcliff returns, Wuthering Heights is taken from him. As a result of this type of living, Hindley became the manor’s landlord. Hindley died as a result of his lifestyle.

Hindley Earnshaw’s father brought Heathcliff to Wuthering Heights when he was fourteen years old. He doesn’t get along with the current occupant and tries to make his life a misery.

Hindley returns for college at some point after, but before long returns following Mr. Earnshaw’s death. Because he married Frances, who gave birth to Hareton, Hindley is now the heir to Wuthering Heights. His spouse, however, dies soon after giving birth, leaving him crushed.

Hindley’s abuse frightens the locals away. He becomes addicted to alcohol and gaming, making his roommate’s life a misery. Hindley visits the settlement on occasion in order to get away from home.

Soon after, the manor became a gaming house. When Heathcliff returns rich and educated, Hindley has lost practically all of his money. He is eager to gamble with Heathcliff, but he loses everything else he owns as well.

Surprisingly, despite Hindley’s alcoholism, Catherine Earnshaw dies before him. Hindley is unable to keep his sobriety for the burial and attempts to fight Heathcliff physically.

Another brawl occurs the next morning, with Heathcliff prevailing once again. Hindley becomes enraged and locks himself in his room. The death of Hindley Earnshaw dispels rumors that he would return from the grave as a vampire or zombie. Hareton is mistreated because of his father’s actions.

Hindley’s grief over the death of his wife, Frances, who dies just a few weeks after giving birth, gets the better of him. Hindley becomes intoxicated as a result of his sorrow. ‘… I unintentionally left him ten minutes ago, and in that time he locked the house’s two doors against me,’ Heathcliff added. ‘He has spent the night drinking himself to death purposefully!’