How Does Nick Describe Tom Buchanan?

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He had changed since his years in hiding. He was now a thirty-year-old robust straw-haired man with a haughty attitude and a curt tongue. Two brilliant, domineering eyes had claimed dominance over his features, giving him the appearance of always leaning aggressively forward. The flamboyant swank of his riding clothes could not hide the tremendous power of that physique… It was a body with OS great leverage – -a powerful body.

As a result, he implies that Tom is a cheater who has been unfaithful to his partner. He’s also quite wealthy, according to the narrator. He lavishes all of his money on his mistress and neglects his wife. He is extremely cruel to both of them. He prefers to engage in physical activities with his mistress rather than because he adores her.

The narrator of Nick, the book, depicts Tom Buchanan as a horrible man. He is a wealthy acquaintance of Nick’s. He is boastful, broad, and muscular, with an imposing physique.

Characterizations are an essential component of every story’s narrative. They allow the author to highlight and accentuate their character’s most distinctive features. It also aids in making the event seem more genuine.

Fitzgerald tries to do so using a number of descriptive methods, one of which is narration. Nick Carraway is the narrator and one of the major characters in FITZGERALD’S The Great Gatsby. He provides numerous character descriptions while being seen as the main point of view for the reader.

One such person is Daisy’s husband, Tom. Tom inherited his family’s vast wealth upon marriage. Nick also knew the guy as an old acquaintance from their college days. Nick refers to him as a “brute,” noting that he has “arrogant eyes” and a leaning posture. Nick recognizes him since he was a youngster, comparing the current and past pictures of Tom Buchanan.

Nick’s perception of Tom is that he’s a huge, straw-haired guy with a stern demeanor. The shape exudes power and command. Nick adds that he has “a body with the potential to exert tremendous leverage – a cruel body.” In the book, he appears to be an impetuous, intemperate, and narrow-minded individual. Overall, it gives off a poor first impression.